Our Sectors

Our Sectors

Cat 5 Rail are specialists in the provision of Rail recruitment, manning and managed labour services. We have dedicated teams of Rail employees who work all around Australia, for some of the biggest mining and resources and specialist Rail companies in the Country. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, 24/7 accountability and commitment to the safety of our employees and our client’s worksites. We adopt and adhere to industry best practice recruitment policies and procedures throughout the Rail and Civil Infrastructure sectors, going ‘above and beyond’ to ensure key outcomes and project timelines are met on time, and on budget, without compromising our core safety values, which are the heart of every contract and project we undertake.

Cat 5 Rail provides end-to-end employment solutions to the rail industry in areas including, but not limited to:

  • Construction
  • Shutdown and preventative maintenance
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Signalling, communications (electrical) and maintenance
  • Train drivers
  • Rail electrical operators
  • Welders
  • Arctic thermal operators

At Cat 5 Rail we are deeply committed to the Indigenous community both in the Pilbara region and throughout the Country. We are proud that more than 50% of our Indigenous employees work in the Rail sector and we expect that number to grow in the coming years as our RTO business continues to partner with Port Hedland High School and other organisations, to give students the ability to undertake a Certificate 1 in Rail. The Cat 5 Rail business was founded because we wanted to contribute to the Rail community in more meaningful ways. Our Rail team are not just employees, they are a family. We pride ourselves on giving our Rail teams the opportunity to work in a variety of locations around the Country based on their own personal career ambitions. This means our clients are guaranteed to have the most experienced, diverse, and committed Rail employees working on their sites.

Overhead Traction

With significant growth in the Traction Overhead Line Sector Cat 5 Rail saw an opportunity and a gap in the market to provide highly skilled and experienced overhead traction personnel consisting of management, engineering, supervision and a highly skilled and organised overhead traction linesman team to service both the Australian and New Zealand Markets.

Having been provided an opportunity to supply labour for a major Rail Project based in Melbourne, Victoria in 2017 on one of Melbourne’s busiest train line – the Cranbourne-Packenham line. Cat 5 Rail has been able to build speciality teams in Overhead Wiring/ Signalling and Rail Crews removing nine (9) level crossings to date.

Cat 5 Rail provides end-to-end employment solutions to the Overhead Traction sector in the following roles including, but not limited to:

  • Engineers
  • Management
  • Superintendent’s & Supervisors
  • Linesman
  • Linesman Assistants
  • Apprentices
  • TVO (Hi-Rail) Operators
  • EWP Operators
  • Overhead Store-people
  • Labourers

All our Linesmen are nationally accredited and hold the competency on the Rail Industry Worker system. At Cat 5 Rail, we have some of the most experienced and capable overhead lineman and overhead support staff known throughout Australia and New Zealand. Including the supply of specialist Hi-rail plant and equipment for OHW construction and maintenance.


Signalling is one of the most important components of the many which make up a railway system. Train movement safety depends on it and the control and management of trains depends on them. Cat 5 Rail Signalling team prides itself on providing clients state of the art delivery mechanism tailored around project specific resources and requirements.
​Cat 5 Rail’s installation division has recently been established to meet the demands of the market and the desire of our customers to procure a one stop shop signalling solution

Cat 5 Rail provides end-to-end employment solutions to the Rail Signalling sector in the following roles including, but not limited to::

  • Engineers
  • Superintendent’s & Supervisors
  • Signalling Technician
  • Signalling Assistants
  • Electricians
  • Labourers

Cat 5 Rail Signalling can manage all project management aspects to liaise with client’s requirements along with creation and management of dedicated programs.

Drawing on our project experience we can provide staff and solutions to meet all needs; from site setup and electrical installation to supervision, equipment specific installation/programming and signalling certification.


Cat 5 are the market leaders in Rail welding. Our track maintenance and construction services and track teams are unmatched in the industry. By creating true solutions-focused partnerships with our customers, Cat 5 Rail is fast becoming the go to business when it comes to providing specialist rail resources to the industry.

Cat 5 Rail have extensive experience in Aluminothermic Welding, Flashbutt Welding, Destress Welding, Adjust Rail, Frog Maintenance and Turnout welding, rail closures, IRJ installs and rail grinding and defect welds

Cat 5 Rail provides end-to-end employment solutions for Rail Welding in the following roles including, but not limited to:

  • Weld Supervisors & Leading Hands
  • Flashbutt Welders/technicians
  • Aluminothermic Welders
  • Frog Maintenance/Turnout Welders
  • Weld Offsiders

Cat 5 Rail have comprehensive plant and equipment ready to service your rail welding requirements with the piece of mind that the work will be carried out by the most experienced and knowledgeable welders in the rail space.


The Cat 5 Rail team are one of the most renowned track teams in the country having built a reputation second to none in the Port Hedland/Pilbara area. Category 5 Labour Management was built off the depth of knowledge and experience that the track team brought to the business and was ultimately the birth of the Cat 5 Rail team name.
Specialists in track construction (Plain track, sidings, yards & Duplications), turnout construction, Re-rail, Re-sleepering, general track maintenance, tamping resurfacing, Ballasting, train driver walkways & rail crossings.

Cat 5 Rail provides end-to-end employment solutions to the track in the following roles including, but not limited to:

  • Management
  • Rail Superintendents, Supervisors & Leading Hands
  • Loader/Excavator operators
  • Track Certifiers
  • QA Inspectors
  • Hi- Rail Operators
  • Dogmen/Riggers
  • Heavy Rigid Truck Drivers
  • Rail Labourers/workers

Cat 5 Rail boast having some of the best in the business with blue chip clients such as BHP, Rio Tinto, Lend Lease, John Holland, Laing O’Rourke, Downer with experience working all over both Australia and New Zealand.

Rail Safeworking

The objective of Cat 5 Rail is to provide a safe, controlled work environment for people and machinery engaged in carrying out works on, near or adjacent to Railway lines.
This is achieved by supplying an expert team of staff trained to meet all situations at hand, working in strict adherence to all current Rules and Operating Procedures set by the Department of Transport, also by offering all expert and technical advice clients may require in the planning and programming of their works. Job Safety Environmental Analysis and Job Safety Method Statements cover all aspects of works to be carried out under its control

Cat 5 Rail provides end-to-end employment solutions for Rail Safeworking in the following roles including, but not limited to:

  • Track Force Protection & Rail Project Management
  • TFPC
  • Flagman/lookout
  • Supervisors
  • TVO Operators
  • Gangers
  • Track Certifiers
  • QA Inspectors

At Cat 5 Rail we are dedicated to driving rail safety and implementing work sites where you can feel safe and secure. This is something we feel very strongly about and have gone to great lengths to promote in the industry