The team at Category 5 have substantial experience in all aspects of labour recruitment and safety management. The advantage we deliver to our clients is the support of a dedicated labour management company.

Category 5 was founded in 2009 in Port Hedland, by CEO and owner, Sam Sycamore. Born in Port Hedland, and with more than 15 years experience gleaned in senior Mining and Resources, Oil and Gas and Industrial management positions, throughout some of the biggest recruitment companies in the Country, Sam saw an opportunity to provide a more tailored solution for both clients and candidates.

It was this recognition, combined with a passion for the Recruitment and Labour Hire industry that saw Category 5 born. From commencing initially as a sole operator, over the last 10 years, Sam has recruited some of the best operators in the recruitment business, which has allowed Category 5 to expand their expertise and service offering throughout Western Australia and into Victoria, and New Zealand, with further expansion into other State’s in Australia, imminent.

With a team of more than 20 dedicated professionals, Category 5 has been founded on the recognition and understanding of the gaps in the Labour Hire, Recruitment, Managed Labour and Safety Management spaces, that only personalised service can provide.

The Category 5 family is dedicated to building a business that creates long-term, and sustainable opportunities for both their clients and their employees. Making a difference to people’s lives – both from a client and employee perspective is the key value that underpins everything Category 5 stands for.

Video Introduction

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About Category 5

The team at Category 5 are proud to offer a broad range of skills and experience, to better service the business needs of their clients. This in turn allows them to guide their employees to further grow their skillsets and careers by taking the time to understand their individual career goals and assist with their training and development needs.

From a client perspective, this means when you hire an employee from Category 5, you know you are taking on an individual that has support, has been thoroughly inducted and reference checked and is proud to work for Category 5 and your business.

At Category 5 we take pride in recruiting the right person to suit our clients individual needs onsite, as well as ensuring our dedicated account managers visit site regularly to better understand the needs of both our clients and our employees.

Our Values

The team at Category 5 have substantial experience in all aspects of labour recruitment.

Category 5’s commitments to you

  • 24/7 support from dedicated team of professionals willing to go above and beyond for our clients end our employees
  • Consistently high levels of service, due to a strong understanding of what is required
  • An ongoing commitment to doing the best we can for our people. We have the flexibility, dedication and passion to help achieve the best results in conjunction with our clients
  • Category 5 is 100% committed to “Zero Harm” in the workplace, ensuring that safety both of our people and our clients workplace is the prime focus of all stakeholders; We aim to provide a supportive and health work environment for our employees and those affected by our activities
  • To provide a tailored service that meets the operational wants and needs of our clients
  • We will support the local community and all of the people within it, with a strong ‘lead by example’ commitment to diversity
  • We will always lead by example in all matter of safety, ethics and integrity


At Category 5 safety is at the core of everything we do and everything we stand for. We are 100% committed to “Zero Harm” in the workplace, ensuring that safety is the prime focus of all key stakeholders. We aim to provide a supportive and healthy work environment for our employees and those affected by our activities. From providing the right PPE to ensure our employees are protected, through to ensuring they receive best-practice inductions and training for the role they will be performing, our commitment is to ensure all of our employees arrive at work safely and return home safely at the end of every shift, every day.


Providing a tailored service that meets the specific goals and requirements of our individual clients is at the heart of everything we do. At Category 5 we know that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to supporting you to execute your strategies and support your operations. Hence, you are guaranteed to find an expert in your industry that will understand your requirements and go above and beyond to provide the right person for your job, every time. In the same way we pride ourselves on building relationships with our candidates and employees, supporting them to reach their full potential, and guiding them through their professional journey.


At Category 5 we believe in supporting the local communities in which we operate, and the people within them. From local sporting clubs, to local charities and the indigenous community we are committed to giving back where we can. To us, being part of a community means being engaged. It means being involved and involving others. It means being engaged. We are passionate about the communities in which we operate and the communities our people come from and work in.


At Category 5 we believe in leading by example in all matters of safety, integrity and ethics. Leadership to us means getting our hands dirty and never asking anyone to do anything our team won’t do themselves. Communication, empathy and humility also underpin our approach to leadership. We believe leading means being transparent, recognising the unique qualities of our people and our clients, and working in partnership to create opportunities for both to reach their full potential