Ore Car Examiner – Electrical Expressions of Interest

We have a very unique position that has become available within the Examiners Team which requires a very unique individual with a WA, A-Grade Electrical License who is prepared to spend 99% of their time performing repetitive MECHANICAL maintenance work on ore cars and 1% of their time using their trade, which is also repetitive, essentially you’d be putting your electrical trade to one side if you became an Examiner.

So what exactly is an Ore Car Examiner?

The job of an Examiner is primarily to perform repetitive mechanical and electrical maintenance tasks on client’s Ore Car fleet which totals around 9,700. Examiners also maintain client’s Ancillary fleet which includes Fuel Tankers, Ballast Wagons (Side Tippers and Belly Dumpers) and Index Cars. Examiners are the first responders to any Derailments between Port Hedland and Newman and we also perform maintenance tasks on ore cars that have been cut-out and left along the rail network back-tracks for various maintenance issues.
There is a lot of autonomy within the role and a lot of driving around site, Boodarie, Flashbutt and Mooka OCRS to attend to breakdowns and maintenance tasks.

On a daily basis a rake of cars (134) will arrive in South Yard for the Examiners to “KNOCK”. What is a KNOCK?!?!…Well, as the rakes perform their daily travel duties between the mines at Newman and Port Hedland they accumulate mileage known as “TRIPS”. A “TRIP” is the distance between Port Hedland and Newman and back again, so around 840km’s. Client allows these “TRIPS” to accumulate to around 19 before the rake is cut-out and maintenance tasks are required to be carried out by the Examiners, this is called a “KNOCK”.

So, a Summary of the role…
1) Job Title – Ore Car Examiner
2) Requirement – WA, A-Grade Electrical License, person will be taught all mechanical aspects
3) 8×8 roster – 4 days, 4 nights, 8 off.
  • Hedland Residential
  • Even Time Roster
  • WA Electrical license required